Monday, August 3, 2009

Fell off the wagon a bit

I know myself pretty well. And I know that I'm really really bad at keeping up with cleaning, unless I'm in the right mood. Well, my desire for a clean house is still there, but it's kinda gotten stalled a bit.

You see, shortly after I started my cleaning kick, our apartment was broken into and we had a few things stolen (a couple things kindly replaced by Chris's boss). But when you get violated by that kind of thing, you desperately want to change things. Since getting an alarm system is out right now (we're not paying to secure a cheap apartment that we were never planning on staying in for long) we figured now is an opportune time to think about purchasing a home. But, as Chris said one day, "Why bother cleaning/decluttering if we're just going to have to pack it up soon anyway?". At the time I told myself "NO! Declutter now! Then the new home will be clean and nice and you won't have to do it there!". Unfortunately, the apartment is still cluttered and there is very little progress on the house buying front (due to lack of time).

I'm not entirely to blame, I've had a lot on my plate this past fortnight. Annie Jr went up this past weekend to sold out houses. It's so successful we're adding another matinee this Saturday. In addition to the "stage manager hat" that I"m wearing for Annie, I also have to put on my "board member hat" and make sure brochures are there (should have done a bunch of other stuff, but didn't think of it til today). Plus, we catered the stamp show this weekend. And lest you forget, kind reader, I also have that all important "mom hat". Gerenerally other hats kinda just get stuck on top of it, but it's had to be cast off for short periods of time becaues the hat hair was causing some forgetfulness problems. Enough with the hat metaphor though, I should be cleaning right now, right?

So yes. I need motivation. I think I have set a goal (just need husband approval). If I can get all the paper piles taken care of, then I can purchase the books patiently sitting in my amazon shopping cart (about $60 worth, all related to theater stuff). Let's hope Chris agrees to that!