Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Polly Positive

So I am a lazy bum and bad at keeping up on blogs. Shoot me, I'm pregnant and tired and don't really have the brain power to think about what to post.

Some fun updates though!

1) My morning sickness seems to be tapering off, at least for now. I'm starting to just be more hungry (especially at night) but I don't really feel like eating. I don't feel very nauseus and I haven't thrown up! I'm tired though, but that's to be expected.

2) The baby has a heart beat and is maybe an inch long. My tummy still looks pretty much normal, but I"m not buttoning my pants due to them just giving me tummy aches from being tight (that might have been a prepregnancy symptom though!).

Life updates:
Chris' car got stolen, found and is stripped. Total loss. *sigh* It's not really the best time in our lives, but we're hoping things will get better. Pray for us though, cause this is a really really tough time (money issues included). I still haven't started teaching, but that's the companies fault for being lame. Hopefully I'll start soon!

Happy things:
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios is set to open sometime in 2010. This is very exciting because a LaPointe family trip (with extended family) is already a big idea. Later date (they were originally saying late 2009) is great for Chris and me however, because it gives us more of a chance to save money so we can go! Also on the good side, Peanut will be around a year old (or more, depending on when we go) so it will be a much more enjoyable family trip. A baby at a theme park is boring. A one year old, while more difficult, will result in better pictures and better memories for Chris and me (it's not like Peanut will remember either way). So we are very excited about this!

Heroes started. I'm happy about this. I watch very few shows that I adore and religiously watch, so it's good to have it back after sooooo long. Hopefully this season will be awesome like the other ones!

So yes, I'm trying to be positive, despite the bad things happening and the not feeling up to par. Pray for me and Chris, we sure need it!

Ciao Bellas!

Friday, September 5, 2008

It's starting...

So I'm starting to not feel quite so hot. I get pretty queasy when I haven't eaten in a while and I'm pretty darn tired. I can handle it though.

Our big "stress" right now is just insurance. We're going to look into different options. I know that God is going to take care of us (he cares for the sparrows, so I know he cares for us!).

Name options that we're thinking of:

Boy (which is what everyone thinks it is):
Gabriel Christopher (we're pretty set on it)

Grace Sophia
Grace Philomena
Grace.... something else (ideas?)

Feel free to help us decide on a girl's name!

And don't forget about the betting pool. Apparently we're going to have prizes, we're just not sure yet. Maybe you'll get a day with the baby, just the two of you!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

So I'm gonna be a momma.

Yes it's truth. I'm pregnant!

Estimated due date is May 4, 2009.

If you wanna bet on stats, you can go to http://www.expectnet.com/games/lapointe5409

I'm not sick yet, I'll let you all know when I am!