Thursday, June 11, 2009

Over the river and through the woods

Later today (well, more like tonight) Chris, Grace and I are going to be hopping on a plane and jetting off to New Hampshire. Chris's sister is graduating high school and the family needs to meet the littlest member so now is the perfect time to head out there. I'm rather freaked out about the trip for about a million reasons. Firstly, packing alone is stressful. I've got some good lists and it is almost done (Grace's stuff just has to get put in the suitcase and mine will be easy). Next, we don't have an actual boarding pass for Grace. I really hope that's right, cause our confirmation email has her listed as a traveller, but she just doesn't have a pass (I suppose because she doesn't have a seat). Then there's been all these plane crash stories in the news. What a way to make a mom start freaking out!

Last night though, I managed to make it to the local young adult ministry for some socializing and an hour of hardcore praise and worship before the Eucharist. Even though I still had Grace with me, being able to praise the Lord and focus on Him was fantastic. Mass is great, but getting extra time in during the week really helps to boost me up.

I wish I had some profound thing to say, but right now, I should really go finish packing so that I clean around here. Let's hope I'll be able to so that I can come home to a clean house!

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